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We grow Shopify store revenue by an average of 21.5% with the latest A.I.

Our passion is bringing the latest AI that big tech is using, to engage your store's shoppers with individualized product selections and personalized content.


average increase in revenue


more products viewed


longer shopping sessions

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World-class teams use our technology:

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Finally, a mobile shopping experience that converts.

Instagram and TikTok massively engage and convert people by targeting a feed of answers, interesting content, and products for each individual user. Now your mobile site will do that too.

1-Click Install, Works On Day 1

Product Genius is designed to require zero merchant work.


average increase in revenue


more products viewed


longer shopping sessions

Personalization used to be about what the shopper clicked. Now it’s about who they are:

Already Knows Your Shoppers.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence is truly able to understand what each shopper needs by reading the web, reviews, social, and descriptions of products they previously purchased.

The fact is, that for the task of merchandising, true nearly human-level AI understanding is here today. Because it is a machine, it can operate at the scale of millions of individual shoppers and has already been trained on almost all existing digital text.

We want to give this capability to your store, not just the big guys.

Personalization for each individual

The first products your shoppers see, will be the products they’re most likely to buy next.

You used to have to write or photograph content, now AI creates and curates it to the shopper’s interests and needs:

Answers Their Doubts.

To convert, shopper’s need answers to specific questions about each product as they browse.

Helps Them Compare Products

Before they can convert, shopper’s need to decide which product or version to buy.

Keeps Them Interested

To buy your products, shoppers must spend time looking at your products.

The AI creates and curates images, video, and other content to make the shopping experience engaging and fun.

Our mission is to change the game for stores—to help stores use AI to compete.

By the way, we know what we are doing when it comes to AI. We were founded on over $48M of DARPA and privately funded research, to develop state-of-the art AI accuracy and controllability.

And then we started meeting Shopify store owners and managers, and we realized that these stores are not only the heart of the world’s economic engine, but that you all tend to be super passionate about what you are doing. You are often working within a community of interest. Whether your passion is food, pets, bikes, fashion, or the huge number of other fascinating areas of human endeavor that Shopify stores serve, we want to give you a new ability to communicate your products and your passion to each person who visits you.

Built for your Product Catalog

The only customer assistant designed specifically for eCommerce sales and trained with a product catalog/product descriptions.

Designed to Leads your shoppers

The only customer assistant that knows how to help visitors navigate and understand which products are right for them.

1-click install. Works on day 1.

The only customer assistant that requires zero effort to setup - 2-click SaaS install, with no IT services project.